What is a transition?

Transition words help connect!

A transition establishes clear connections between ideas and helps sentences and paragraphs flow together smoothly, making them easier to understand.


  1. Check out the transition bridge.
  2. Read about how transitions make writing sound better.
  3. Watch the video: Tik Tok Transition Song. Remember 3!
  4. Try the quiz, try a quizlet match, or play Rags to Riches.
  5. Don’t forget to check the transitions list for new ideas.
  6. Take the Quiz for credit.
  7. Send me a comment, however, please be nice!                                                                   Include a transition statement about your day!
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Sounds good?

How does this sound?

I went to school. We read our stories. Mine was not good. Emily had the best story. Everyone cheered.

Now how does it sound?

This morning, I went to school. Before long, we read our stories, although mine was not good. Naturally, Emily had the best story. All of a sudden, everyone cheered.

Do you hear how the transitions made it more smooth?

Sounds BETTER!

Panel 4

Try it

Click here and take a little quiz: Press start!

Quizlet to practice   This quizlet has all the transition categories and examples.

Transitional Words Quiz   This quiz has only 10 multiple choice sentences to fill in.

Rags to Riches Game   This game is addicting, but read carefully!